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MiDi controllers

Any questions ? please ask.

If you are aiming at using a Midi controller like Rodecaster Pro or Pioneer XDJ, you need to be aware of several things.

First: OnAirLight was not designed to work with midi controllers directly.

Second: if you want this setup, it is possible and we will support it if we can, bu no guarantees are given to the functionality.

How do you approach it, you have your controller, and probably your software which is contolled by your controller through Midi.

To be able to make the OnAirLight work, you will need an extra step.

In the standard situation it will be controller connected to software

In the situation where you controller will not be able so send Midi commands directly to the OnAirLight, you will need an extra piece of software to route and translate your controller commands.

Our expirience is that Bome Midi translator works very well for this purpose

It takes some knowlegde on Midi to get it working, you need to write a small script where you translate the input from the controller to the output to OnAirLight, and route the controller messages to your DAW or playout software.

We do have som ready made scripts for Bome Midi Translator


We are not affiliated by Bome, or have any benefit by you buying their software, this is just an example on how to work with controllers and software in a way that we did not design it for, but still can work for you.