Introducing OnAirLight - The Ultimate Broadcasting Companion!

In the fast-paced world of radio and podcasting, every second counts. That's why OnAirLight is here to revolutionize your studio experience and ensure smooth and seamless broadcasting like never before!

OnAirLight, as the name suggests, goes beyond its illuminating capabilities. It's the ultimate tool that every radio or podcast studio needs to indicate whether the microphone is open and precisely when it's in use. With OnAirLight right in front of you, it simply can't be missed.

What sets OnAirLight apart is its universal compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with any mixer, I/O, or even software through Midi, making it a versatile solution for your studio setup. Whether you're working with external contacts or utilizing the Telco function for voip or telco signals, OnAirLight has you covered.

Installing OnAirLight is a breeze! With the ready-made control cable, you don't need any technical expertise. In just minutes, you'll have the system up and running, providing you with instant visual cues for microphone status.

But that's not all! OnAirLight takes it a step further by offering compatibility with your playout system through Midi. Control the light fixtures effortlessly, adding an extra layer of convenience and customization to your broadcasting workflow.

Here are the key features of OnAirLight:

1. Microphone Status Indicator: Instantly know whether your microphone is open or in use with OnAirLight's clear and unmistakable visual cues.

2. Universal Compatibility: OnAirLight seamlessly integrates with any mixer, I/O, or software through Midi, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

3. Telco Function: Easily identify if the voip or telco signal is active, allowing for smooth communication during broadcasts.

4. Simple Installation: With the included ready-made control cable, anyone can install OnAirLight in a matter of minutes. No technical knowledge required!

5. Playout System Integration: Take control of your light fixtures using Midi from your playout system, enhancing your broadcasting experience.

Don't miss out on the ultimate broadcasting companion! Elevate your studio with OnAirLight and experience a new level of professionalism and efficiency.

Visit our website or your favorite electronics store to explore the OnAirLight collection and learn more about this game-changing product. Make your studio shine with OnAirLight today!


On the Support page you will find our software, manuals.

Supported hardware

Playout systems:


DHD systems with GPIO
Axel Tech OXYGEN with GPIO
D&R Stand alone mixers with MIC/ON jack
D&R all Systems with GPIO
AXIA all Systems with GPIO
Sonifex all Systems with GPIO
all other systems with programmable GPIO.

Playout software with Midi support.


Boom arms:

Any boom arm with 3/8" Tread, with or without the extension rod

Rode PSA, Blue Compass Premium, TIE Studio, Mackie, 512 Audio,
Konig & Meyer, RTX with optional extension rod.

Gear4music, Elgato Wave, Innox, Sontronics Elevate, Paracon Fly, Warm Audio, Thronmax, Trust GTX, Tonor® T30, EverestPeak E20